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Pastor Nicky Farmer -“Have you ever tried to be a Christian and failed and just gave up trying? Have you ever had trouble reading the Bible? Have you ever wondered if God even notices that you exist? Do you wonder what Christianity is all about? These questions and more I trust to answer during my talks for the next couple of months. Faith is life in God and life in God – life in Christ is what we need to be a successful Christian. Join me this Sunday at the First Baptist Church. Sunday August 20th at 6:30 pm at the First Baptist Church Kokomo, IN 46901

About Pastor Nicky Farmer

Pastor Nicky Farmer, Senior Pastor

In 2007, God called Pastor Nicky out of the insurance business to be the Senior Pastor of KCF.  Pastor Nicky is originally from Scotland. He first came to America to sell books door to door during his college summers. Jesus saved him through the witness of countless Christians that he met during those summers. After many years of seeking God, the Lord eventually  made it clear that Nicky was to officially move to Kokomo. During this time, God also led for he and Jenn to be married. (Click Here to read the details.)

They currently have four children, Lucas, Alex, Sam, and Elaine. The Farmers have a heart to help others learn to walk with God and to see lives tranformed by Jesus Christ. They enjoy spending time with others and sharing all that Jesus has done in their lives.